Detective Conan Movie 20 Trailer

Black is the theme of this year’s movie.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t disappoint the fans.

Enjoy the trailers for the upcoming movie, the Darkest Nightmare, a.k.a. the Black Movie.


PV1: Mega

PV2: Mega

PV3: Mega

PV4 (Added on 04/10/2016): Mega

PV5 (Added on 04/10/2016): Mega

PV6 (Added on 05/08/2016): Mega

PV7 (Added on 05/08/2016): Mega

Teaser from Episode 813 (Added on 05/08/2016): Mega

Movie-20-themed OP (Added on 05/30/2016): Mega

Trailer: Mega


ETA: ??/??/2018


Announcement: Detective Conan Movie 18 Coming from Suiri Otaku in 2014!!


It has been a while since our last update. So when I initially gave out that hint during my last post, my plans were to simply release the PVs for the movie and then go on subbing the episodes weekly as usual. However, things did not go smoothly as real life kicked in. I barely had an internet connection at some point of time and most staff members had their real life obligations to attend to. So for that, I apologize.

Now, that aside, who is hyped for movie 18??

SuiriOtaku has a trailer that should keep you hooked until the release, which is by the way…

Coming from SuiriOtaku in 2014!!



PV1: Mega

PV2: Mega

Trailer: Mega, Dailymotion

I’ll deviate a little from the norm and make one extra announcement just this one time!

Current progress on the movie:

Translation (TL): 100%

We could certainly use some help in timing to get this release to you ASAP.

Timing: 100%

If you are interesting in helping out, please email us at or pm Tensai-Kun on our new irc channel.

Spread the hype!