Detective Conan Disappearance of Edogawa Conan: The Worst Two Days in History

disappearance_of_conandisappearance_of_madnessConanception (Highlight me: Conan + Inception)!
The surprise release is finally here! Blame Kaitou_Kid for the delay.

Joint with our friends at Kaitou Fansubs

We used YTV for this release, which was a really bad source. So for those of you wondering, we will release the DVD version after Kaitou_Kid comes back from India.

Enjoy the special and have a wonderful summer!

Staff Credits:
TL: Tensai-Kun
TLC: Hobiron
Timer: Kaitou_Kid
Editor: Kaitou_Kid
K-time: vevlaa, Tensai-Kun
Karaoke: Tensai-Kun
Typesetters: Kaitou_Kid, Tensai-Kun
QC: Hobiron, Tensai-Kun, Kaitou_Kid
Encoder: Kaitou_Kid

720p: Torrent, Mega