Detective Conan Movie 20 Trailer

Black is the theme of this year’s movie.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t disappoint the fans.

Enjoy the trailers for the upcoming movie, the Darkest Nightmare, a.k.a. the Black Movie.


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PV4 (Added on 04/10/2016): Mega

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Teaser from Episode 813 (Added on 05/08/2016): Mega

Movie-20-themed OP (Added on 05/30/2016): Mega

Trailer: Mega


ETA: ??/??/2018


Detective Conan Disappearance of Edogawa Conan: The Worst Two Days in History

disappearance_of_conandisappearance_of_madnessConanception (Highlight me: Conan + Inception)!
The surprise release is finally here! Blame Kaitou_Kid for the delay.

Joint with our friends at Kaitou Fansubs

We used YTV for this release, which was a really bad source. So for those of you wondering, we will release the DVD version after Kaitou_Kid comes back from India.

Enjoy the special and have a wonderful summer!

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