Detective Conan Movie 20 Trailer

Black is the theme of this year’s movie.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t disappoint the fans.

Enjoy the trailers for the upcoming movie, the Darkest Nightmare, a.k.a. the Black Movie.


PV1: Mega

PV2: Mega

PV3: Mega

PV4 (Added on 04/10/2016): Mega

PV5 (Added on 04/10/2016): Mega

PV6 (Added on 05/08/2016): Mega

PV7 (Added on 05/08/2016): Mega

Teaser from Episode 813 (Added on 05/08/2016): Mega

Movie-20-themed OP (Added on 05/30/2016): Mega

Trailer: Mega


ETA: ??/??/2018


67 thoughts on “Detective Conan Movie 20 Trailer

  1. Anonymous says:

    will we see you translate it

    • tensai1kun says:

      It depends on how busy I am with work during that time of the year, but I’d definitely want to be involved in getting this movie to the fans, somehow or another.

      • Anonymous says:

        thanks for the reply
        hope you guys do

      • Burradierin says:

        Hey! Nice to see you alive again.
        You all are awesome :). Thanks for trailer and I hope you will be able to sub the movie! 😀
        Very happy to see you with an update/release!
        Much love&respect to all of you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would you give us the (.ass) file?

  3. kBaraka says:

    Thanks for the Trailers, Good Job 😉

  4. Burradierin says:

    Thanks for subbing the trailers!
    Don’t want to step over the line, but is there a Soft Subbed version of it? 🙂

    • tensai1kun says:

      I can assure you that all our official releases are soft subbed.
      This time around, it is a mere trailer, for which the original video is readily available on the internet and I already posted the .ass file.

  5. Conan Fan says:

    Any chance you guys will help fill the backlog of unsubbed episodes? 721, 744-749?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have the movie with audio in Japanese, Could anyone be kind enough to translate it? So I would be much easier to translate it into Spanish with the help of English subtitles.

    • tensai1kun says:

      You mean the Korean leak with synchronized Jap audio?
      If so, we have it as well.
      We’ll wait for the BD which comes out next month. I recommend you do the same.

      • Burradierin says:


        I’m very excited for the movie, and very excited for your excellent subbing as well. I hope it will be soft subbed <3.

        Thanks in advance for translating the movie! 😀

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi, BD version is out now on Nyaa but i suppose you already know that. I surely don’t wanna put pressure on you, guys, but is there any estimated time in which you think the english subtitile will be ready; i think that all international fansub groups (ecluded mine, italian fansub) will surely wait for your version to translate the movie so from now on i will have to deal with endless request about when the movie will be out. So thank you for your essential work and looking forward for your version :3

  8. augroup says:

    would it possible if you worked with Kaitou on subbing this movie?

  9. dclover2k16 says:

    Just dropping by to say thank you so much in advance! I will be waiting for your subs! 😀

  10. Natsu Drugneel says:

    Is this the next fansub group that are subbing DC? ‘Cause M-L dieded already and I still cant get over the fact DCTP died a few years back. Didnt manage to download some of the eps, tsk

  11. MUAZ says:

    Wishing good luck to suiri otaku ! -cheers-

  12. Sir Amu says:

    Is Hatim eng subs ur release?

  13. Dark Blizzard says:

    Has the subbing process begun?

  14. Anonymous says:

    how’s the translation?

  15. Amuro says:

    The subbed version of hatim is terrible. When will you be able to release your subbed version? 🙂 I cant wait to watch this epic movie.

  16. Robert Trnka says:

    I know you busy with other things but any sort of ETA for movie release? Happy to know at least someone is putting the care to sub it 🙂

  17. Dark_Blizzard says:

    I would like to ask that will you would be subbing the “EPISODE ONE” special also. I dont think other subbing teams will be doing that.
    Also waiting for movie 20.
    Thanks in advance. I know you would be in a lot of pressure.

  18. Anonymous says:

    any updates on how much progress been made?


  19. emptam says:

    Yeah, also waiting for updates here. Thanks

  20. J says:

    Glad to see someone is subbing this. I got to the Conan opening and cringed at the poor quality of subbing.

  21. Zaum says:

    Any Progress? Still translating?

  22. emptam says:

    I wish this’ll be finished before the year ends! My cousins are coming over to stay with us and I want to watch this movie with them.

  23. lupe says:

    update us da progress plss…

  24. J says:

    Merry Christmas.

  25. Emmanuel Darca says:

    just want to thank you guys in advance!!! enjoy your holiday first!! ^_^

  26. J says:

    Happy New Year to you. Here’s to a Conan filled 2017

  27. Zaum says:

    Where is it ? T_T

  28. AstralBurn says:

    Well tensai1kun if you don’t use the partner group then what is missing to complete the movie? I wouldn’t mind helping QC, Edit and Time.

  29. Anonymous says:

    some update is much appreciated

  30. John Smith says:

    I don’t know about others but I’ve pretty much given up on ever seeing this movie.

    • tensai1kun says:

      I’m losing hope too! JK
      Okay, an update is long overdue.
      Ideally, this should’ve been released by now, had it not been stalled for so long.
      The good news is that, as of recently, it is no longer stalled, however it won’t be released within the next two weeks.
      Most of the staff lead very busy lives and can only spare so much time to work on it each week.
      I’ll give an ETA for the release this weekend.

      • Yamamura says:

        My two cents, stay away from collaborating from Kaitou’s group. They are ultimately lazy, trying too hard to be overly-embellished and very inefficient. Your works alone is better than them.

      • B. says:

        Hi, Tensai1kun.
        No news yet? Are we ever going to see the movie released?
        Apologies if I sound too pushy. It is just we are all really excited to see the movie and we have been left with no updates; as such, it feels like the movie won’t ever be released.

      • tensai1kun says:

        Check the main post.
        I’ve already given the ETA. The release will likely be in the second half of April, 2017.

      • B. says:

        Thank you very much!
        I appreciate the new update.
        I have only asked because I really love your work and what you produce!
        Thanks a million! 😀

  31. Anonymous says:

    Any update on Movie 20? 🙂

  32. Cris says:

    Are you near to publish it?

  33. Kudo29 says:

    Delayed for how long?

  34. AstralBurn says:

    tensai1kun at this rate you and Kaitou Subs are going it’s never going to be released. Anyway you can get an update on this and found it what is actually holding this back. It shouldn’t be taking this long to release a movie.

    • wanderinboredom says:

      Please don’t be a butt. These things take time and it’s not like subbing is the only thing they do. They don’t even have to sub anything. Sometimes real-life problems get in the way, so try to have a little more chill.

      • tensai1kun says:

        @wanderinboredom: We appreciate your support.

        Now, let me answer the questions people keep on asking.

        When is the movie coming out?
        When it’s ready, and not a second earlier.

        What’s taking so long?
        As I’ve already said the people working on this movie lead very busy lives and can only spare so much time to work on it each week.
        Couple that with health issues, and you’ll get your answer for why it is taking so long.

        Is Kaitou Fansubs the group you are working with on this release?

        When’s the ETA?
        There isn’t one at the moment.

        Are you guys really going to release this?
        Yes, however if, for whatever reason, you don’t get any update on the ETA by the end of June, you can assume it’s not going to happen.

        No further questions regarding the ETA will be answered.

  35. Conan says:

    soooo…this ain’t coming is it?

  36. Vân Phạm says:

    Seeing the ETA got me all chipper I feel like Xmas is coming! Other fansubbers have released movie 20 but I am waiting for you guys only. Good fansubbers are hard to come by so we really appreciate your fantastic efforts despite being busy with your personal lives. I have all the time in the world but too useless to do any of these, unfortunately. I’ve tried editing softsubs for my K-Dramas but timing alone was already a lot of work. I can’t even imagine how much time you guys invest in to putting this together. Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Excitedly counting down the days till 31JUL 😉

  37. lily says:

    the eta had already passed….
    is it still coming?

  38. cccsammy1 says:

    When will Eng subbed came out? It already passed the ETA, Let me know when It ready. You already did the 18th movie of Detective Conan.

  39. DCwruMovie says:

    At least the ETA says 2018 now, so someone is alive still.

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