Announcement: Detective Conan Movie 18 Coming from Suiri Otaku in 2014!!


It has been a while since our last update. So when I initially gave out that hint during my last post, my plans were to simply release the PVs for the movie and then go on subbing the episodes weekly as usual. However, things did not go smoothly as real life kicked in. I barely had an internet connection at some point of time and most staff members had their real life obligations to attend to. So for that, I apologize.

Now, that aside, who is hyped for movie 18??

SuiriOtaku has a trailer that should keep you hooked until the release, which is by the way…

Coming from SuiriOtaku in 2014!!



PV1: Mega

PV2: Mega

Trailer: Mega, Dailymotion

I’ll deviate a little from the norm and make one extra announcement just this one time!

Current progress on the movie:

Translation (TL): 100%

We could certainly use some help in timing to get this release to you ASAP.

Timing: 100%

If you are interesting in helping out, please email us at or pm Tensai-Kun on our new irc channel.

Spread the hype!


18 thoughts on “Announcement: Detective Conan Movie 18 Coming from Suiri Otaku in 2014!!

  1. Burradirein says:

    I thought you were gone, I knew what you meant with your latest post’s hint, and I kept checking your site almost everyday for months, and none replied to my comments :/. Sorry If I bothered you with my comments, but hey, I’m just trying my best to be a supporter and show gratitude, as deserved.

    Will you be back to doing episodes from where you left or continue from the latest ones, because some Fansubs groups did a lot of episodes, so they’re pretty much covered? Can you fill us in with your plans?

    Glad you’re back, really glad. Thanks for everything!

    • tensai1kun says:

      You didn’t bother us at all. I do apologize for not getting back to you and replying to these comments. Many reasons for which have already been mentioned in the post itself.

      As for our plans… At the meantime, all efforts will go into making movie 18 come out in the highest quality. I’ll give an update to fill you in with our plans for weekly episodes once we release the movie.

      • Burradirein says:

        It’s al-right, no need to apologise :). I understand what it means to have your situations turned upside down. Rest assured, that my comment meant that I was sad to think you had gone… No blame was meant at all :).
        I’m happy that you’re back and very excited for your future releases. Ever since the Vampire Mansions episodes you released, I have been a fan.

        I’ll be looking forward to both your updates&releases.

        Thanks for coming back! :}

      • Burradirein says:


        Keep on soft subbing! (^_^)
        Thank you so much :D.

      • Anonymous says:

        hey there
        can you give us an update on how the movie is progressing

      • tensai1kun says:

        Sure thing.
        The movie should have been released 2 days ago. But few things came up at the last minute and we had to take care of them prior to release.
        The release is tonight. In HD.

  2. bodyez says:

    hi i can help you for timing this film >> please tell me in my mail

  3. JustAConanFan says:

    Having problems playing the 1min 34sec vid. Other two work but all I get on the last one is sound and no pic or subs. Don’t know if anyone else has this problem. I’ll check back later and see.
    Looking forward to Movie 18. 🙂

    • tensai1kun says:

      From the way you describe the issue, it seems like you have an incomplete downlad/corrupt file. The CRC value must match the one given in the filename. Downloading the file again should solve this issue.

      I’ve also uploaded the trailer on dailymotion.

  4. shineek says:

    Is this gonna be BD release? Cause if its DVD than im not interested , two other subbers did quality subs for DVD version over 2 months ago .

  5. Anonymous says:

    just asking
    when will you release the movie

  6. Haibar@i says:

    Oh my gee! My old pal is still doing his best!
    Tensai-kun, how are you faring?

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