Detective Conan 710-711: Everyone Saw


Double Release!

We’re recruiting for all positions!
We are especially looking for editors,
experienced typesetters, TLs, and TLCs.
For those interested, please email us at

Staff Credits:
TL: Tensai-Kun
Timer: Chaos-kun
Editor: Tensai-Kun
Karaoke: Tensai-Kun
Typesetters: Chaos-kun, Tensai-Kun
QC: Tensai-Kun
Encoder: Tensai-Kun

Detective Conan 710:
720p 10-bit MKV: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega
480p 8-bit MP4: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega

Detective Conan 711:
720p 10-bit MKV: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega
480p 8-bit MP4: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega


15 thoughts on “Detective Conan 710-711: Everyone Saw

  1. Dr Conan says:

    Thank you guys ..

  2. D7 says:

    thanks a lot for this hard an great work!
    waiting for 712-713 ❤

  3. Aly_GoKu_ss4 says:

    Thanx dude, Amazing as usual !!
    Keep it going.
    waiting for 712-713…
    from your brilliant sub!!!

  4. debon says:

    well great job, guys! i think it’s time for you to decide your own font style like DCTP and M-L did, what do you think?

  5. debon says:

    hey i have request, can you sub DC ep 222-224 original version if you free, not Remastered version. well there’s no other fansub who sub it. you can reject it, if you not realy want to do it (sorry for my poor english)

  6. Burradirein says:

    Soft subs all the way!!
    Thank you 😀

  7. debon says:

    hey, are you guys still alive? if so, i hope you do movie 17 too, since M-L edit DC’s opening title, that make it worse.

  8. Burradirein says:

    Are you guys okay :(?

  9. Beejay says:

    hi, can i have a request? can you sub in english the three episode of detective conan episode 222,223,224 original version not the remastered version because i want to see the difference between the original and the remastered version, thanks in advance 🙂

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