Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan The Movie Trailer


Kaitou 1412!

We’re recruiting for all positions!
We are especially looking for editors,
experienced typesetters, and a capper.
For those interested, please email us at

Staff Credits:
TL: Tensai-Kun
Timer: Chaos-kun
Typesetters: Chaos-kun, Tensai-Kun

Detective Conan Episodes 710-711 will be released together.

Trailer: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega


9 thoughts on “Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan The Movie Trailer

  1. Dr Conan says:

    Thank you.. we wait the 710 and 711 ♥.♥

  2. D7 says:

    thanks a lot suiriotaku, but what about 710-711?
    we are waiting ❤

    • Kazu89 says:

      C’mon don’t put them under pressure. Quality is what we want, not speed. And they explained themselves already. They are currently the fastest group anyway.

      By the way, what about 710 and 711? =P

      • tensai1kun says:

        You’re welcome.
        Kazu89, the way you asked the question made me lol xD
        We don’t usually make announcements but we’ll let this be an exception.
        DC 710-711 will be released in 3-5 days.
        DC 712 will follow them shortly after.

  3. D7 says:

    Sorry to put you under pressure, thank you,
    and we only care about the quality.
    any way, we are waiting for you.

  4. Aly_GoKu_ss4 says:

    thankx for your hard work.
    keep it going.
    and wait 710-711-712 from you.

  5. Nekoton Punch says:

    Thank you for working on the Detective Conan vs Lupin movie. I like crossovers and frequently wish there would be more of them especially since Detective Conan is not “time specific” so there are many other anime series that could fit in.

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