Detective Conan 709: An Unconfirmed Impact Case


Looking for more staff members.
We are especially looking for a capper.
For those interested, please email us at

Staff Credits:
TL: Tensai-Kun
Timer: Chaos-kun
Editor: haibara@i
Karaoke: Tensai-Kun
Typesetter: Tensai-Kun
QC: Tensai-Kun, haibara@i
Encoder: Tensai-Kun

720p 10-bit MKV: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega
480p 8-bit MP4: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega


19 thoughts on “Detective Conan 709: An Unconfirmed Impact Case

  1. fujitora says:

    Thanks for release!!
    Chaos-kun :p

  2. debon says:

    fast as always, well i want ask one question. why do you always translate ‘meitantei’ to ‘renowned detective’? well it’s bothered me little because i prefer word ‘the great detective’ to ‘renowned detective’ like other fansub did.

    • haibara@i says:

      Hai hai. Well, actually I’m afraid to say that we prefer using renowned. It’s not like it will really affect anything and such. Great Detective sounds outdated, it is a commonly used term in old novels. But it is sure not a wrong term, however that is likewise to renowned. But to sum up, there’s nothing like a reason to begin with, it’s just, we used renowned and that is it. But for uniformity and consistency matters, we will continue to use renowned like in any of our previous releases and we ask of you sires not to be tweaked by our choices.

      Yoroshiku desu~

  3. Kazu89 says:

    This time you caught me for the week, hence not saved my week =P

    But thanks anyways! Luv ya ^^’

    • tensai1kun says:

      You’re welcome! It’s nice to see you around every week!
      Sorry for the wait. Real life can hinder fansubbing progress sometimes. We’ve also made sure that no v2 is needed this time around =)

      • Kazu89 says:

        Okay, firstly what I wanted to say was “weekend” not “week” in the beginning. This way I was actually able to take my time to watch it instead of squeezing it in between other activities. Secondly, like below, I never had the intention to criticise you. Sorry again!

        I’m very well aware that you took your time in order to deliver good quality, was I supposed to mention it? 😉

      • tensai1kun says:

        None taken. No need to apologize, either.
        We always accept constructive criticism, by the way =)

        And nope. You most definitely didn’t have to mention it. I don’t know why I had to mention it, either xD

  4. Kazu89 says:

    Oh and btw, PLEASE don’t continue subbing Hattori that way. Hattori is speaking Osaka DIALECT (a proper form of speech with its own set of rules, though different from the litterary standard), not any kind of weird slang (don’t have to explain that one, right?). It’s so damn annoying when people sub his lines as if he were some kind of gangsta rappa…

    Tensai-kun, you mentioned speaking Arabic, you should know and understand what I mean. Would you sub omnipresend Egyptian-Arabic that same way just because its different from Standard Arabic? I don’t think so.

    Well, give it a thought…

    • tensai1kun says:

      Don’t get so worked up. I’m indeed the one to blame for this. One of my friends has been telling me that it’s becoming a trend to sub Kansai-ben in such a way in manga, so I did it on a whim.
      You don’t have to explain what Kansai-ben is. I actually love kansai-ben more than Hyojungo (Standard Japanese) and do speak it myself. It just seems more colorful and lively to me than the current standard Japanese.

      That being said, I had no intention of disparaging Kansai-ben whatsoever. Your point is well taken and I can assure you we’ll provide proper translations for Osaka-ben.

      See what Heiji has to say about it:

      • Buraddirein says:

        I agree you 100% Tensai1Kun. You may leave it as it is, in all of your releases. It’s lively when Hattori is translated in such a way. No offence should be taken, it’s an Anime; a fictional-realm. No offence should be taken or felt, against people from Osaka or anyone who speaks in a different accent and dialect, in which ever language. As I said before, It’s anime, a fictional-realm.

        I love your work Tensai1Kun& Co. (^_^)

      • tensai1kun says:

        Thanks for your continuous support. However, I’m afraid you misunderstood my reply.
        Kansai dialect, in all its variations, is a lively dialect. Nevertheless, we’ll use standard English for it.

      • Kazu89 says:

        I’m not really worked up; it’s just… you know… Actually I wasn’t sure what you would go for in the end because you started out subbing his first line (or first couple of lines) that way but switched back to regular Standard English when he was actually “saying something”. I though this was a chance to make my point before yet another group would go in that direction.

        I’m sorry if my comment seemed rude to you.

        Oh and thanks for the link. Yeah, this clip comes up everytime I look up something related to Kansai-ben on the webs. I’ve actually watched it several dozen times but it’s still great. Strange I didn’t think of it right away 🙂

        So now, see you next week. I hope you don’t feel… stalked or something.

      • tensai1kun says:

        I’d no intention of using too much slang like I said in the very beginning. (I know that you got it already xD)
        Your comment didn’t seem rude at all. I’ve had that video on my presentation about kansai-ben last year so it immediately came to mind xP

        I won’t call this “stalking” but please continue doing it! 😀

      • Buraddirein says:

        Okay. I just meant, you can leave it as it is, because it’s good. I always love episodes of Hattori because of his lively and colourful dialect. Whether you sub it in standard English or your previous method, all is well. I just wanted to show my support to your original method of subbing him. 🙂

      • tensai1kun says:

        Buraddirein: Yeah. I’m well aware of you meant so you don’t need to explain yourself =)
        We appreciate your continuous support and please continue doing so! 😀

        P.S.: I just had to use my previous subbing method for one short line in ep 710 xD

      • Burradirein says:

        Sorry :(, I just saw your reply from a month ago… I’m really sorry :(. I always check on your site, but for some reason I didn’t see your reply. I feel bad.

        Thank you for agreeing with me!!! Your previous method in subbing, is fantastic :).
        I’ll always support you :). Who doesn’t want to support a group that does their best at subbing, and are nice to their fanbase? :).

  5. Buraddirein says:

    Thank you for the release! Amazing job :).

  6. Burradirein says:

    I love your subs!! Keep the amazing&awesome work up!!! 🙂

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