Detective Conan 708: The Man who Fell Slowly


Looking for more staff members.
We are especially looking for a capper.
For those interested, please email us at

Staff Credits:
TL: Tensai-Kun
Timer: Tensai-Kun
Editor: haibara@i
Karaoke: Tensai-Kun
Typesetter: Tensai-Kun
QC: Tensai-Kun, haibara@i
Encoders: Tensai-Kun, haibara@i

720p 10-bit MKV: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega || v3 Patch: MultiUpload, Mega
480p 10-bit MP4: Torrent, MultiUpload, Mega || v3 DDL: MultiUpload, Mega


12 thoughts on “Detective Conan 708: The Man who Fell Slowly

  1. mrwolf says:

    why v2 ???

  2. Kazu89 says:

    Even after patching the file I noticed one instance of a “horse voice” 😉

    Anyway, you saved another week, thanks guys! Too bad I can’t help out. I don’t even know what a capper is supposed to do.

    • tensai1kun says:

      Horse voice! Brilliant!
      Please patch it to v3.
      You’re welcome. Actually, we are recruiting for all positions. If anyone wants to lend us a hand, we’re also strongly looking for Timers, QCers & Encoders.
      An online search for guides to fansubbing should be enough to understand what responsibilities come with each position.

      • Kazu89 says:

        Shukran and arigatou 😉

        Maybe you should use one day more and avoid v2ing and v3ing so much? I mean, I do support your releases but I don’t think you’ll find many followers that way… And I’d want want you to become more popular 🙂

        Btw, you’re releases are still absent from pages like Shana Project (cf. and the like. Using these, alongside nyaa torrent, might help you reach a larger audience.

        Ja, mata raishuu~

      • tensai1kun says:

        That’s what we’re planning to do.
        We’ll make sure no v2s are ever needed again.

        Thanks for the tip about Shana Project.

  3. Rivai says:

    Thank you for the release!

  4. haibara@i says:

    Oyaoya, it seems, finally… We got a fair number of audience! haibara@i, ureshii~

    Been in hell these days, I was again forced to work 24 hours. I will quit my job soon. No, I will now! XD


  5. chaos-kun says:

    Thank you for the Release 😀

  6. debon says:

    V3 for SD please…

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