Detective Conan 706 Preview


Looking for more staff members.
For those interested, please email us at

Staff Credits:
TL, Timer & Typesetting: Tensai-Kun

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3 thoughts on “Detective Conan 706 Preview

  1. sesshy2120 says:

    good job, I love seeing people work on a series like conan. Its really such an amazing anime and a must watch for all of humanity. Keep up the good work and hopefully you guys will become a famous fansub group eventually. You have the potential. ❤

  2. lowly says:

    your sub for ep 705 really good, but why did you use M-L Video. well for one reason i don’t realy like their editing of ‘Detective Conan’ from japan to english in that first opening.

  3. haibara@i says:

    Oh, thanks for that. Well, the thing is. We do not have a capper…yet.
    Anyways, look forward to our second release 706. We will try to release it faster this week but don’t get your hopes up, since we are just two Conan fanatics XD

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